Sea freight transport

We provide complex services in the field of export and import of full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) shipments within the port-to-port and door-to-door system. The port shipping we offer includes complex sea freight transport and taking care of cargo, from manufacturer’s warehouse to cargo addressee’s premises. Within our services we also deliver containers to any locations in Poland and the EU by road vehicles or multimodal (rail and road) transportation.

For LCL shipments we offer our services in cooperation with partners, as well as on the basis of our own capabilities on selected routes.

Road freight transport

Using our experience, we skillfully adjust to customer needs in terms of road transport and distribution. Our Road Freight Transport Department will have your goods efficiently delivered in the entire territory of Poland, the European Union and other destinations. The freight range includes FTL, LCL and untypical shipments.

Our specialty are deliveries to large store chains such as:
Media Expert, Lidl, Biedronka, Carrefour, Auchan, Stokrotka or Castorama

Within road freight transport we also provide the storage service, a convenient solution for entrepreneurs using international and nation-wide transport.

Rail freight transport

Within rail freight transport we provide complex services in terms of railway transport on the China-Europe route, enabling import and export of both FCL and LCL shipments. We collect shipments from railway terminals or, if requested by a customer, from a factory to a place indicated by them within the door-to-door system. We offer our own consolidated shipments from terminals in China to Poland and the option to consolidate and deconsolidate shipments in our warehouse in Nadarzyn and warehouses of our partners in certain terminals.

Warehouse logistics

We own an innovative high-bay warehouse and a storage warehouse located in Nadarzyn. Our offer includes complex warehouse logistics solutions. For more demanding customers we will jointly prepare solutions customised to their needs and expectations on the basis of our experience and IT solutions. In our warehouse we have implemented the ANTEEO WMS system by SOFTSOL that is well compatible with systems designed by COMARCH, if integration is needed. It can be also integrated with other ERP systems.

We offer to our customers long-term contract logistic services, including all basic warehouse operations and VAS services adjusted to current needs of present and future customers.

Also, in September 2020 we launched operations in our Customs Warehouse in Nadarzyn (Temporary Storage Warehouse). With this recognised facility we can perform various customs operations, including final import and export customs clearance entries and transshipment and storage of your goods before marketing authorisation.

The warehouse is located at our headquarters at Al. Katowicka 66, 05-830 Nadarzyn.

In October 2022, we opened a new warehouse located in Korczowa 115, 37-552 Młyny, only 3 kilometers from the Polish border with Ukraine.

Customs services

We own the Customs Agency at the Cargo  Terminal in Warsaw at ul. Wirażowa 35, room no. 317 and the Customs Warehouse located at our headquarters at Al. Katowicka 66, 05-830 Nadarzyn.

We offer:

  • import and export customs clearances
  • transit customs clearances in the NCTS system
  • temporary clearances
  • issuance of CMR documents and certificates of origin
  • inward processing
  • outward processing
  • registration of new customers in PDR
  • securing of import duties and other fees

We organise clearances for you in Warsaw and all Polish ports, as well as fiscal representative services in the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Koper.

Organisation of air freights

We provide customised air transport services based on cooperation with renowned IATA air carriers and via offices of partners associated in WCA. We handle export and import door-to-door shipments all over the world and send standard and oversize shipments and freights via cruise and chartered aircrafts. Also, our employees have expertise enabling organisation of safe air transport of small animals, e.g. dogs, cats, etc.

We own the Customs Agency at the Cargo Terminal in Warsaw, allowing us to organise smooth handling of import and export shipments, perform all respective customs operations and quick transfer from/to the airport.